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Granite Choices

Granite is igneous rock and comes in various mottled shades that could either work well with your cabinetry or be a total design flop. There is no universal rule for choosing granite colors as each kitchen is different as well las the tastes of customers. However, customers tend to do one of the four: contrast´╝îcomplement´╝îmatching or preference.


Dark cabinetry or floors can be offset by light granite or vice versa. Lighter granite gives the illusion of a more spacious kitchen. Oak and other medium colored cabinets blend well with medium colored granite. Golden granite gives a warm and inviting feel. Sometimes people just fall in love with a granite regardless of the cabinets and flooring. Why not? We have posted 300 granite colors you can view. As granite is naturally occurring, each piece will be unique and what you will see are sample colors and the actual pieces can deviate. The exotic colors tend to vary the most. Feel free to stop by our store to view actual slabs. Our experienced technician will help you choose the right color for your countertops need.



Absolute Cream    Abstract2    Acadian night    African Fantasy    African persia

African Rainbow    African Tobaco2    Alaska White    Amerone2    Andromeda2

Angola Black    Antique Cascade2    Antique gold2    Antique persa    Aphrodite

Aran Light    arctic white    Arrandis2    Arrara Blue2    Arrara Gold2

Artic White2    Aspen White 2    Astoria    Astosia2    Auro Brazil

Aurora Fantasy2    Aurora    Autumn Brown2    Autumn Rose    Azul Bahia

Azul California    Azul Platino    Bainbrook Brown    Baltic Brown    Barricato2



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