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When it comes to choosing high-quality materials for your countertop, we only provide you with the best materials at affordable prices from credited vendors. Our two most popular materials are granite and quartz, but we also have quartzite and marble, all of which can be customized to match any color scheme for your space. Whatever material you decide on, use it to create your backsplash as well. If you’re wondering how your countertops will withstand heat, have no fear. All of our materials are heat resistant, which is not just a statement, but a fact from the manufacturers.



Granite is rich in quartz and feldspar, but is coarse or medium-grained. It is the most common, plutonic rock of the Earth’s crust. This material is durable, yet dense, which means it holds up against scratches. It is also resistant against acidic foods and beverages. However, it is not stain-resistant. Once you apply the proper sealants, then your granite countertop will be safe against any stain.


Quartz is made up of silicon dioxide along with other minerals, is the second most abundant rock in the Earth’s crust, and is highly resistant to weathering. Since most of the material is manmade rather than a natural component, it is actually more flexible than its counterparts. This means that it is less likely to chip or dent. Its most notable characteristic is that you can find it in every color imaginable! From earthly colors like brown or cream to even brighter more vibrant colors such as red and green.


Quartzite is converted from sandstone through heating and pressure. Once transformed, it is a hard material with a non-layered look. This natural mineral is more durable than granite, but does require a little more care and sealants to keep it protected from chipping or denting. You’ll usually find this material in more natural colors ranging from white to gray. The more iron oxide found in the stone, the more you’ll have of colors like pink or red.


Marble is a granular limestone rock, composed of calcium-magnesium carbonate that is given a crystallized look after being altered by heat, pressure and water. This mineral can fit in with any modern or classic design and holds its durability more when properly cared for. Each stone mined is one of kind especially when it comes to its array of colors and intricate vein patterns. There is even the option of what finish you would like such as matte, polished and leather, which all three help to hide even the smallest of scratches made.

Looking to get an upgrade on your sinks as well? We have a large variety of sink materials to fit numerous styles such as stainless steel, copper, composite and many more! We take into consideration the want and desire you have for your new space, whether inside or outside, and add our expertise to the mix, bringing out your space’s natural charm and beauty. You name the area and we’ll recreate it!

Our founder and owner, Frank Chen, is a Ph.D. scientist, has an eye for design, great attention to detail, and has over ten years of experience in the field. If you’re not sure which material or color would look great in your space, he has designed thousands of countertops, earning him an excellent reputation in the local area. You can count on his judgement when it comes to bringing modern and trendy back into your kitchen, bathroom, office or patio.

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